Jun 112012

Well, last week was interesting to say the least. it started off super productive. I set some goals, I worked on a blog entry, I did some work for my business class, I performed at the Montreal Fringe Festival’s promo night on behalf of my Acme Burlesque show, and I went to my Monday night bowling league. Then early Tuesday morning I rolled out of bed in my sleep and landed on the floor. I busted up my nose. There was blood everywhere. It looked like a horror movie. I looked like a horror movie. It was awful.

But I am OK. I just now look like this.

Its allergy season for me so busting up my nose at this time was horrible timing. I am already congested enough. So I spent Tuesday and Wednesday icing my nose, applying Arnica and staying in a semi reclined state. I also took some allergy meds and some OTC painkillers. It all helped. I still look about the same (though the bruising is beginning to fade and the swelling has gone down).

Interestingly, this experience has taught me that I am not as vain as I thought. I have gone out without makeup and have had meetings looking like I do above. It is what it is. The issue though is people do stare and people do ask questions. My story is not an interesting one. I am a restless sleeper and have nearly fallen out of bed before. This time is only different because I succeeded.

Of course, I was feeling a bit self conscious for my Acme Burlesque show. A burlesque show tends to be a glamourous type of show and I like to look the part so I did my makeup very carefully to cover up the bruising and then had a professional make-up artist who was also performing help me do a last minute touch up. On stage it worked. Close up I was a little crinkly. It was a concern and a bit of a distraction for me (I was a bit a woozy from the meds), but the show went very well. All the performers were top notch and the performances were all well received. I personally did a sexy nerd type number that began with Darth Vader’s march and ended with Catina.

And yes, I wore the helmet along with loads of glitter and sequins.

* Méli Mélo is a French term for mish mash. *


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  2 Responses to “Monday Méli Mélo”

  1. Glad to hear you show went well. I did something similar to what you did. I have an opening in my headboard and somehow my head was in the open and when I woke up I managed to hit my head on the overhang and give myself black eye.

  2. Please get well soon — ouch! And, of course, hooray for all the good stuff! :-)

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