Jun 142012

Theatre Ste Catherine
264 Ste Catherine E

Doors: 8pm
Show: 8:30pm













I will be performing at this neat fundraiser for Chez Stella on Saturday June 16th at Theatre Ste Catherine. They recently lost some serious amount of funding and are in need of money to help them provide their much needed services and resources.

Other burlesque performers for the show include Cherry Typhoon and Frenchy Jones. There will also be a game show themed auction and a sexy photobooth! Oh la la!

About Chez Stella

Created in 1995 through the initiative of a handful of sex-workers, public-health researchers and sympathisers, Chez Stella is an organization that offers resources and support to female identified sex workers in all fields.

1) to provide support and information to sex-workers so that they may live in safety and with dignity;

2) to sensitize and educate the public about sex work and the realities faced by sex workers;

3) to fight discrimination against sex workers;

4) to promote the decriminalisation of sex work.

I have taken part in a variety of demonstrations and actions to support this cause. Violence and stigma is rampant and only through rethinking our laws, working conditions and educating the public about the realities of sex work and the sex industry can real change occur.


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