My name is Seska Lee. Since 1998 I have documented and shared much of my life here at www.seska.com.


I began my adventures in online adult entertainment (aka Internet Porn) back in 1998. I took something private, made it public and ultimately my livelihood. I was part of the first wave of independent online porn sites run by the woman it featured. Documentation of authentic sexuality!

Creating my very own xxx website led me down the inspiring road of sex worker rights activism and discovering so much about who I am and what I can do – mind, body and soul! Yes, porn was good to me and if I do so say so myself, I was good for porn!

But like all good things these adventures have to come to end. Around 2008 the abundance of free (aka stolen) porn no longer made my site a viable way to make a living so I had to change things up and move onto new endeavours.


My new projects?

Having a creative glittery awesome time as a BURLESQUE PERFORMER and cabaret producer.


Webmastering for performers, artists and musicians.

My new endeavours allow me to lead a simple and creative life, but it is always nice to have this original spot on the web to journal and share of myself.


The Seska Dot Com Blog

Check out my blog to keep up with me. You might even find some of my vintage porn and other xxx things there because there is still a place for that stuff in my life. A retrospective of sorts!


And if you want it ALL, you can JOIN THE VIP NETWORK to get the complete archive (over 50 thousand pics & videos) of my amateur porn adventures.

All my best,