Hello! My name is Seska Lee – retired Internet amateur porn performer and former neo-burlesquer – current educator, speaker and writer

I began my adventures in adult entertainment back in 1998 and I thoroughly enjoyed them. But like all good things these adventures had to come to end. It was time for me to move onto other projects and passions – some in the field of sexuality (sex and aging, sex worker activism) and some in other fields (minimalism, nutrition and sustainability).

Why Porn To Begin With?

Every step I have ever taken has brought to me where I am today. Though when I graduated university with two BAs under my belt (Child Studies & Psychology) and began working as an educational consultant I never imagined that a few years down the line I would be a successful adult entertainer making her mark as a writer and sex educator.

What happened was that while I enjoyed my teaching work, I felt something was missing in my life. You know – that spark? I was not feeling it. Then the Internet started to heat up in the late 1990s. I began discovering alternative sexual lifestyle communities such as the Montreal fetish scene and swinger clubs. I did a tonne of reading and participated on many a message board, learning about open relationship models, sexuality and amateur homemade porn. It created that spark in me and I saw the opportunity to radically change my life and contribute in ways I had not considered before.

In 1998 I took a big risk and decided to create a personal website as a platform for my sexual exploration and self-expression. It led me down a pretty unique life path and even though there were dozens, then hundreds, and finally thousands of women, men and couples with their own xxx websites, I did things a little differently from the crowd. Adult entertainment was just the beginning. Through my real and digital travels I met all sorts of interesting and diverse people. I learned so much about body image, boundaries, communication, gender dynamics, relationships, marginalization, stigmatization, sexuality, sex worker rights, and ultimately myself.

I have always felt driven to share my experiences and knowledge with others so that perhaps people could learn from both my challenges and my breakthroughs. What began as a simple independent porn site and form of expression turned into so much more. It became my life’s work for many years – to promote sexual health, pleasure and empowerment through the exploration of erotica, well-researched insight, real-life experiences and resources. My personal xxx website is a something I’m proud of, but it is time to move onto new adventures and pass the baton to the next generation of ethically minded creators and entertainers.

My Next Chapter

I’m enjoying all aspects of my life in ways I have never before. In 2010 I retired from porn and I took a break from writing about sexuality and relationships to focus on personal development and holistic well-being. I studied nutrition for 1 year, became a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator in 2015 (though I’m on a Facilitator hiatus as I work on some writing projects) and empowered myself through a more minimalist, intentional and sustainable lifestyle. You can read more about my journey over at my www.seskalee.com website.

In 2016 I began working full-time as a sex educator and I’m available for speaking engagements and workshop facilitation.