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My name is Seska Lee. I am an activist, model, performer, producer, webmaster, and writer. I began these endeavours in 1998 with the creation of a personal adult website. I retired as an adult performer in 2010 and I currently blog here about personal topics as well as sexual health, entertainment, and education. I hope my work helps inspire you to find pleasure, vitality, and well-being in your lives. {read all my posts}

Jun 272014
Stripped at SHNQ Fundraiser

A big thank you to The Sexual Health Network of Quebec and Monde Osé for inviting me to participate as a naked model for the fantastic fundraiser Stripped. Over 30 naked people on the runway! It was wild! People asked if I was nervous. Nah. After over 15 years in the public eye and much of it [...]

Jun 032014
Burlesque At The Fringe

Last night was the Montreal Fringe Festival’s Fringe for All – 4 hours of sneak previews from local companies. Yes, it is a very long night. The artists arrive at 4pm to check in and then wait in line to go on stage and do their thing. I was on around 830pm. Thank goodness for [...]

Jun 012014
What I Read This Week

Obviously after this past weekend a lot of the stuff I read was disturbing and challenging material regarding the shooting in Santa Barbara. When the news broke I was so saddened to hear what had happened. I sat in silence for quite a bit of time. It was all too familiar to what had happened in [...]

Apr 192014
What I Read This Week

Let’s pretend this is me reading on the beach. Let’s pretend I am currently in a locale where I could be reading on a beach. Let’s pretend I am not freezing in Montreal wearing a tuque in my own home. It freaking snowed this week, people! Bros, This Is How Your Slut-Shaming Is Backfiring. A [...]

Dec 232013
Happy Holidays

I have had a most interesting year. After a few years of crisis and recovery I feel quite strong and resilient. I wanted to thank my loyal online following and in person friends and acquaintances for all their kinds and support. it has meant a lot to me. I am very excited for 2014. I [...]

Dec 022013
Where was Seska?

Wow! It has been a while since I have shared a personal blog entry. It is not that I have not had a personal life. I have. That is one reason I have not written a personal post in some time. I have been busy with living life that I haven’t had much time to [...]

Nov 062013

I am going to be performing twice at Montreal’s Sexapalooza show this weekend. I am on around 730pm on Friday November 8th and 430pm on Saturday November 9th. I will be doing a sexy burlesque number on Friday and a funny one on Saturday. Please come by the Wiggle Room booth afterwards if you want [...]