May 282014
Sex Drive & Medication

Dear Seska, How can you turn on your husband when he is taking medicines that kill his sexual appetite? Sincerely, Paula Low sex drive is not new but as the general public ages and medications become more popular we are learning that decreased sexual energy as a side effect of medications is quite prevalent. For [...]

Jul 242013
Learn How to Give Your Wife Orgasms

Dear Seska Recently, I discovered that despite what she allowed me to think in the past, my wife has never had the pleasure of me giving her an orgasm. She’s had orgasms while with me but until she informed me the other day I never realized I was failing her in this regard. She’s always [...]

Mar 062013
Making Sex a Priority

Most of us lead busy lives. It’s all about kids, work, household responsibilities, social obligations and those damn bills. We have a lot going on. What we do not have going on is sex.  Almost 2/3 of us don’t feel we have sex often enough. 44% “are fully satisfied with their sex lives.” (that means [...]

Dec 192012
How To Talk About Sex

  In most of the West we have something that author John Ince calls the “sexual hush” – see his book The Politics Of Lust. We don’t like to talk about sex except in sensationalist and negative ways or we just don’t talk about it at all (even if we do “it”). It starts when [...]

Dec 182012
Dealing with Husband’s Viewing of Porn

Dear Seska, I have been married for two years. And I thought that I had a really great open honest relationship with my husband, until I walked in on him one night. I explained that I don’t care if he looks at porn as long as he’s not looking at “real” people that he could [...]

Nov 282012
Sex Mistake - Making Assumptions

One of the biggest sex mistakes (hell, life mistakes) is making assumptions. What happens when you make sex assumptions? Bad sex, dangerous sex, boring sex, no sex, and a bunch of other not-so-fun sex possibilities. Avoid it all by… Never Assuming Anything When it comes to sex you need to communicate – out loud, with [...]

Nov 072012
Eat Your Way to Sexy Town

If you want to be a sex super star you need to look like one, right? I am not talking about the stereotype with breast implants, collagen lips or hair extensions. That’s not my thing. I prefer something a little more budget friendly, low maintenance and less invasive. What I am talking about is that great [...]

Sep 262012
Tasting Yourself

Is it normal for a guy to swallow his own ejaculate? My boyfriend does this and to be honest with you, it’s a turn on to me. But, is this a normal thing?         It is really tricky to talk about sex in terms of what is normal. What is acceptable is [...]

Aug 162012
3 Ways to Chase Down Your Orgasm

Ever feel like you are chasing your orgasm like a dog chases its tail? Around and around you go, but you don’t actually catch it and then you get exhausted. This happens to me when I am around day 21 of my menstrual cycle. At this time my orgasm is elusive and it is frustrating. [...]