Sex Ed

I am a bit of a sex geek. I always have been and it’s what led me to write about sexuality for adults or as I like to call my articles, essays and tips: Seskuality: Smart Sex Ed for Adults.

When I was young my favourite book was about where we come from (mine was in French and had a comparison of human conception with that of birds – wacky!). As I got older I became obsessed with those you will be a woman soon and how a boy becomes a man pamphlets that feminine hygiene products companies made for health class (ours were so dated – it was 1982 and they suggested pads with belts!). Later I was captivated by the original version of The Teenage Body Book: A New Edition for a New Generation and then as a young adult it was The Joy of Sex: The Ultimate Revised Edition and Our Bodies, Ourselves. Every phase was about devouring all this fascinating information.

I am of the opinion that sexuality is part of a life-long process. There is always something you can learn even if you are an adult and have ‘settled down’. With each phase of life our bodies change and so do our needs and desires (as does what others need and desire of us). Our sexual lives are a part of this evolution and asking questions and educating ourselves are key to having a satisfying sex life. We need to keep learning!

{For the younger people in your life I highly recommend Scarleteen.}

Jun 262014
Sexbit - In Time for Speedo Season

Leg hair is manly, chest hair is manly, but manliness can apparently only be expressed on one side of the body, because according to my sources, ass hair and back hair are unacceptable. Natalie Krinsky I agree with the sarcasm of this quote, not its face value.

Jun 192014
Sexbit - In Time for Bikini Season

He’s interesting. But he’s not Brazilian-bikini-wax interesting. Marisa Acocella I prefer to shave, but I will let you in on a little secret – I am growing it out for a special NAKED fashion show. Stripped: Naked Fashion Show Fundraiser Sexual Health Network of Quebec Thursday, June 26th, 2014 Gallerie 203 (227 Notre Dame O, [...]

Jun 122014
Sexbit - Attraction

I have to find a girl attractive or it’s like trying to start a car without an ignition key. Jonathan Aitken (1910-1985) I’d like to think this would be an obvious statement, that attraction is a necessary part of sex, but sometimes there are other motivations that go beyond the physical, beyond attraction. I suppose [...]

Jun 052014
Sexbit - Purpose

You must acknowledge in your heart of hearts that people are supposed to fuck. It is our main purpose in life. All those other activities – playing the trumpet, vacuuming carpets, reading mystery novels, eating chocolate mousse – are just ways of passing time until you can fuck again. Cynthia Heimel   I know how [...]

May 292014
Sexbit - Promiscuous

pro·mis·cu·ous (pr?-mis’kyoo-?s) adj. 1. characterized by or involving indiscriminate mingling or association, especially having sexual relations with a number of partners on a casual basis. 2. consisting of parts, elements, or individuals of different kinds brought together without order. 3. indiscriminate; without discrimination. 4. casual; irregular; haphazard. Retrieved May 23, 2014, from website: [...]

May 282014
Sex Drive & Medication

Dear Seska, How can you turn on your husband when he is taking medicines that kill his sexual appetite? Sincerely, Paula Low sex drive is not new but as the general public ages and medications become more popular we are learning that decreased sexual energy as a side effect of medications is quite prevalent. For [...]

Jan 202014
Sexbit - Naked

I just look in the mirror and I say God, it’s really fantastic, the Lord really gave me something. So why on earth should I cover any of it up? Edy Willimas (1942 – ) B movie actress Is this a vain statement? I suppose it is but it also has this refreshing confidence to [...]

Jan 132014
Sexbit - Freedom

Cautious, careful people, always casting about to preserve their reputation and social standing, never can bring about a reform. Those who are really in earnest must be willing to be anything or nothing in the world’s estimation, and publicly and privately, in season and out, avow their sympathy with despised and persecuted ideas and their [...]

Jan 062014
Sexbit - A Fantasy

According to Tracey Cox in her book Hot Sex: How to Do It, one of men’s top ten fantasies is to watch a woman masturbate (with her knowledge or on the sly). Her top ten list of female fantasies does not include this particular activity for women which surprises me a bit, but that could just [...]