Seska For Lovers

seska lee - sparkle pool 026

Seska For Lovers was an e-zine type website that I ran from 2000-2006. It featured a weekly journal, articles, essays, erotic fiction and erotic photos. I called each of those sections: Fresh, Fact, Fancy and Fiction. I thought I was being pretty clever. ;-)

I would create content based on a topic or a theme. For example I researched everythign I could find about the history of hair removal (as pertains to our special parts in particular), I along with a coule of guest authors wrote about our personal experiences with body hair and hair removal). I completed the theme with a photoshoot of me and lover shaving each other. I also had a ertic fiction piece about the subject.

I retired the site around 2006 and moved the sex-ed pieces to Seskuality and archived the photos in the members-area of

Now and then I share a taste of those photos here on the public side. So Seska For Lovers still lives on!

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