Smart Sex Ed


Let’s be honest. I am a bit of a sex geek. I always have been and it’s what led me to write about sexuality for adults or as I like to call my articles, essays and tips: Seskuality: Smart Sex Ed for Adults.

When I was young my favourite book was about where we come from (mine was in French and had a comparison of human conception with that of birds – wacky!). As I got older I became obsessed with those you will be a woman soon and how a boy becomes a manpamphlets that feminine hygiene products companies made for health class (ours were so dated – it was 1982 and they suggested pads with belts!). Later I was captivated by the original version of The Teenage Body Book: A New Edition for a New Generation and then as a young adult it was The Joy of Sex: The Ultimate Revised Edition and Our Bodies, Ourselves. Every phase was about devouring all this fascinating information.

I didn’t put this information into practice until much later. As an adult I did some hands-on exploration of sexuality and now I want to share all of this nerdy and real life sex knowledge with you! This is what Smart Sex Ed for Adults is all about.

Please join me in this continuing sex education adventure! Check out my collection of original articles and essays that explore of the world of sexuality. Ask me questions! This section of my site features advice, notable quotes, research, sex worker news, and tips. There are videoblog entries too!

I am of the opinion that sexuality is part of a life long process. There is always something you can learn even if you have ‘settled down’ or reached the age of majority.  With each phase of life our bodies change and so do our needs and desires (as does what others need and desire of us). Our sexual lives are a part of this evolution and asking questions and educating ourselves are key to this life long process. So get some sex ed for adults with me.




[For the younger people in your life I highly recommend Scarleteen.]